What Are You Listening To Lately


Braces for super funky chorus


Very coincidently, I dropped this at a party I dj’d at on Saturday and the place went absolutely bat shit!!


Any other good album ? I’ve discovered the band with this one.

Best chill-out music there is.


Ha, I wasn’t even trying to continue our funk coments, just a general post, but naturally I like funky stuff so that came out… Wanted to post the alternate cut which was new to me, and then show the original for comparison.

For some context, it’s from the album Midnite Vultures. The entire album is a spoof of Hollywood culture, total parody, as to explain the crazy lyrics…

I used to listen to a lot of Beck, not so much anymore. But man I’m not sure if people know what a talented producer he is…


It’s actually just one guy, who has only made one other album before this one called Suzi Ecto, which was very good. But he’s also put out a string of singles which are all worth checking out.


Haha, I know I just couldn’t resist.

I actually used to own this album back in the early 2000’s and I thought it would be the end of Beck and myself until Sea Change came along. That turned out to be the end instead.

There was a track on Midnite Vultures I really liked though, think it was called ‘Broken Train’.


Broken Train is one of my favourite Beck tracks, good shout. Guero is probably my favourite of his albums, I rinsed that as a teenager.


prolonged repetitions… recalls Basic Channel, Cassegrain, et al


im not sure if this is good or bad news :slight_smile:

vivendi is a HORRIBLE company.


Release It! :loud_sound:


My brain turned into liquid and spilled onto the floor when I listened to that, I had to sponge it into a cup and pour it back in through my ear… :smile:
The mix is just great, all these little phrases spiraling off into space… The acoustic breakdowns are wonderful, interesting journey indeed, super well done…





Everything he’s put out is 2017 is so good. The album is particularly incredible.
I really like this track as well :


Every year, as always:


And of course