What Are You Listening To Lately




Ryoji Ikeda



alright now I’m deeep in a PC Music rabbit hole.



:slight_smile: this kinda shits my guilty pleazie…



That upload has been ripped off the vinyl at the wrong rpm (33 vs. 45). Although maybe that was intentional with the video?

That’s the amazing thing about afx. He still sounds great even when slowed down 30%.
Should sound like it does here:


Yes I know. wanted to make a little contribution to the funk discussion in previous comments :wink:

Rushup edge is amazing. and I agree some afx tracks sound even more exciting at lower speed (not this one imo)


Theres a bunch of unreleased tracks from the Tuss releases on WARPs Aphex page.




Why the surprise??


Because it’s not funk music… :wink:


No reason really ! It’s and album that rewards the repeated listening is what I wanted to say. In any case, worth a listen !


Electronic vibes with super funky chorus:

Alternate cut, pretty wild robot rock with Beck going off on some scratching and some other gear… :warning::loud_sound: :warning:


more Planet Mu goodness


Utterly excellent modern album of Italian library music, from Metz, France. It’s a movie in your head.


Oh I see, I thought you were saying you previously didn’t rate Call Super!