What Are You Listening To Lately



If you like it, consider getting the AIFF off Beatport - that mix is so buttery smooth it deserves as much bandwidth as possible!



Love Rrose ! I have a lasting impression of blasting Pentagons when it came out, in my Subaru, driving in Brooklyn by night with the skyline in front of us, we were three in the car, mesmerized. There need’t be words exchanged. We talk about it to this day ahah. I’ll listen to the boiler room later today.

Now on the record player, something entirely different :

The reissue that came out this year is gorgeous, the sound perfect. The dubby bass lines in this are to die for…


Yes! Love Rrose.
This is such a monster:


Bark Psychosis Hex is an awesome album!
Codename: Dustsucker (released a full 10-years later) is very much in the same vein.


I’ve never listened to the follow up, will do ! Hex is so smooth, perfect twilight in the city album.

Now for my Tip Top TG module to arrive…



I found Rrose interview quite interesting…


Ok, this is FAR, FAR AWAY from what I’m normally listening to, but I had to share it. I discovered Tiny Desk Concert when DJ Premier’s video popped up on my recommended feed and I’m glad I did, because it led to me many awesome artists such as Tash Sultana. Very talented and passionate musician. I must have watched it like 10 times in the past 2 weeks.


I think there’s things i like in her music and things i don’t find well… i explain i thinks her over-energy Harm the precision of his guitar playing. Voice harmony effects i understand its needs but i find it shoudl be cool in 1 or Two songs … but not in everything. What i like is all this tempo and rhythm variations and breaks. And probably those emotions radical changes which actually i really find nice comes probably with her over-energy.

i do think it’s an artist to watch because it has a future that i no doubt too :wink:

Personal note : And she must love NNEKA also :slight_smile:


And she’s only 22 years old!


No age for Talent :slight_smile:



For the connoisseur :slight_smile:


how you wield a bass…

[one-a my heros :slight_smile: ]




They played this at the Imax pre Last Jedi tonight. My little boy was shakin’ his popcorn and turned to me and said “this is funky daddy, is it Star Wars music?”
I smiled and said "No kid, but it was made a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away!":laughing:


One would be hard pressed to get any funkier than that cut…
Funny stuff with the kiddo. :slight_smile:

It’s all tied in with the legend, here we have: THE FUNK WARS (1984 B.C.)


Really liking the cut of this guy’s jib.