What Are You Listening To Lately


Tanks u for making me discover it !


Interesting, loved Drone Logic.


ambivalent about this one… sounded massive on the stereo, not so much on phone speaker (obv.), not sure about it


german finest:






One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen on youtube.


I can confirm it is an astonishing album and you need wonder no more :slight_smile:


Always and forever



yeah, I got the CD in the mail yesterday… been playing it all day, it’s great.



Were you able to catch the lp when it came out ? The prices have always been crazy for this one…

Btw Function came out with a lot of good stuff recently : the 2x volume comp is killer and that new LSD project is excellent too (total scorcher).


Yes, and would never part with it, despite copies going for £250+ on discogs now!

I haven’t checked out the LCD stuff yet, will do. Also really enjoyed his Infrastructure label compilation from last year.


Damn you lucky bastard ! I “only” have a live version 12", it’s pretty good too. Will check the other comp, I hadn’t heard of it.


Ah mate - Paddy Steer - Thats’ mad good, other stuff on the tube is nuts. Cheers for that.


man… if you like the vid, check out his last 2 lps on bandcamp - they’re great (vinyl too if that’s your bag)