What Are You Listening To Lately

I like to listen to these radioshows:

great ambient piece!

Just released … Redshape - Red Pack II, especially this tune, love it.

been loving this jeff mills at wire03 over the weekend

Jon Hopkins - Immunity (first 4 tracks are immense)

So much great stuff at the moment. Current heavy rotation is Lapalux, Flume, the new BoC, Fuck Buttons, Baths, James Blake and the Clark iradelphic sessions.

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Excellent mix from Rubadubs Dan Lurinsky.

late to the party with this one heh

Swedish artist Varg sounds a bit like the latest offering from Andreas Tilliander, dubby, downtempo, lots of Roland.

Great stuff!


Been getting back to my (synth) roots…straight outta 1996

Been getting my funk on.

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Huoratron, Barretso and Bobby Tank are always on heavy rotation. Links probably NSFW.

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jeff mills wire 03 over and over

loving this dj brad moontribe mix too

was rocking this goa gil mix yesterday that i dig, not the best mixing but dope tracks

mojo rising’s new release ‘on the horizon’ … great hiphop-rooted downtempo with jazzy keyboard. i can hear this guy playing 18th St. Lounge :wink:

Boards of canada’s latest album is truely awesome, right up my street. :slight_smile:

This guy’s “prisoners of gravity” is friggin brilliant;

Good call. not come across this before.

The youtube videos gets on top of the reply field in Chrome. Odd. Anyhow, this is just fantastic. Best collaboration of 2013 so far without the slightest hint of doubt. Wow!


Jan Anderzen and Sam Hamilton. Yeah! Makes me wanna draw and play music. Delightfully playful and downright awesome. Much recommended!