What Are You Listening To Lately

Soldering meditation

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james holden new album

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Been listening to a lot of 1991 lately.


This track is just incredible!

Love your playlist: check some Horace Silver (early stuff) and Miles “In A Silent Way” possibly while driving towards the sunshine :wink:
Also The Haxan Cloak - Exavation

This is quite possibly my favourite release so far this year with Arovane’s “Ve Palor” coming out on the same label very soon.

Some dub techno - youAND:THEMACHINES



This loudly in the garden.


This masterpiece:

Doing some Pretty Lights - A Color Map of the Sun


Seriously though, fix the thread title.

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Gescom, Crystal Method, Rrose, Primus, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Fishbone, Tipper, Eat Static, Memmaker, KMFDM, System 7, Tool, Venetian Snares, SOAD, Monster Killed by Laser

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Thanks for the tips.
I’m familiar with Haxan Cloak… kinda disconcerting!

this today

lot of industrial electronic stuff like this…Franck Vigroux, in this video with Octatrack! Enjoy


I’ve been listening to the debute LP of Distel on repeat all weekend. Amazing minimal electronics with a healthy dose of Coil thrown in for good measure.


Jah Wobble & Marconi Union - Anomic

Yes please, fix that thread title…

Have to say, this is the best friggin pop song I’ve heard in ages.