What Are You Listening To Lately


That halftime D&B mix is dope. Check it out @Unifono


thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:


Mixes from a local DJ, Elle Fast <3 She lays out some wonderful sets. Great track selections and an excellent ear for the unique :slight_smile:


I listened to this banger from SikTh this afternoon while I was writing my content strategy and social posts thisavo…



Saw EPROM at a festival a couple of months ago, blew my tiny mind.


An all time favorite, love Jan


I’ve a real soft spot for Gridlock too but I don’t think I’ve listened to them in ages… truth be told I got a bit bored by the post-Gridlock projects which all blended into much of a much-ness. I’ve got fond memories of travelling to Berlin to see them at their only European gig. It was part of some horrifically badly organised festival that over-ran so much the local support acts were playing to a packed venue at 10:30pm and by the time Gridlock went on stage it was 7am and there were about 20 folk left. Pity, as they were excellent.



Hi guys and gals been listening to these guys recently,

sound brill on a good system



My favorite era of Siouxsie with Robert Smith on guitar.


Could listen to this all day…


happy friday :slight_smile: