What Are You Listening To Lately


Holy 90s Batman.



I’m really feeling these old traditionals lately.

Makes me want to put off buying my next synth and invest in a banjo





Super late to the party, but I just found out about Steevio and am over the moon



I was always hoping Steve albini would work with Sunn o))). I think this album comes closest to the live experience for me, so much clarity.



Caught this guy last night by total chance on a surprisingly good & long established show i’ve not noticed before - UK Ch4 FTTF (four to the floor) - great content and package format … and interesting to see the DIgitakt get a bit of exposure last night (an aside, different artist, this stuff’s all live drums/perc)

The show was engaging enough, but within a few seconds of seeing this guy’s delivery of this track coupled with his voice, presence and authenticity/politics i just sensed this was going to be a special find … thankfully trawling the other eclectic stuff he’s done it did not disappoint - they all have a great mood, anyway, it seems he has an album literally just out, gonna pick that up … i’m loving this track from it tho

A playlist from his label :


Been out to pick this^ up - it’s an outstanding album, the textural aspects (which i like) of it are much more a part of it than the acoustic rhythmic pulse, but i realise that the standout tracks for me are the ones prominently featuring the drummer who has such great timing and feel on the hats and so on, she gets second billing to on the musician credits which is unusual, she seems to be a poet/drummer treading her own path beforehand - check out the feel/commitment and timing switches in this Ted demo - some talent

the guest/featuring singers on the album are good, but i kinda wish the voice was Skinny Pelembe’s a bit more, he seems to wear a few hats besides guitar- it’s an excellent debut though, looking forward to following where this goes




Him Suzy and the Mindtours crew run the most wonderful little festival here in Wales… Freerotaion. Pure vibes


Vessel and his Octatrack


That is badass… nice to see he’s still flexing after his last sleepy full-length.


I’m always 2 years late to any scene. Ivy Lab is blowing my mind

If you’re into it, his mix of halftime is outright soooooooliiiiiiid!

along with a few other 1/2 time D&B artists like Eprom

Flume - Mixtape has had a few dozen plays

Gridlock - Formless has gotten replayed off and on for like 15 years. Solid classic!


The rest is pretty good as well :smiley:

Express here your fondness for @ylva’s sound or ask them to make new tracks:



Indeed :slight_smile:
Seems there is a lot more to come. He has planned various regular releases on his nomark label until feb 2020 including a Two Fingers Full length

I love the sleepy album as well though :slight_smile:


It’s growing on me too but after seeing that ISAM tour I was initially hoping for something over the top like that… but I guess that’s what he’s doing as Two Fingers now.