What Are You Listening To Lately


I want to produce something like this, straight banging beat on top of muffled pads, voice samples and dystopian hypnotic riffs

any similar suggestion?



Mostly the new chemical brothers and the knife at the moment.

Need to expand my horizons.


I had never heard of Mike Parker before last week. This is exactly what I love. Supra repetitive techno; love it. Looks like I have some digging to do, this guy has about a thousand 12" out.



Damn that’s good stuff.

Check this one out -



Today I have been mostly listening to Helm’s new Chemical Flowers LP



TWP anyone?


He’s mastered that particular sound



1980’s Herbie Hancock ftw!!!




bmsr has always been a continual source of inspiration for me. their newest album is one of their best imo. love their drum sound on this track.




I know there are a couple of popheads on here, what’s the feeling about the new CRJ album? For me around half the tracks are amazing and half are filler or ruined by really poor production choices. None of it quite matches the highs of e•mo•tion.

This bassline tho kisses fingers


a bit of skwee / daniel savio

this is him playing live .