What Are You Listening To Lately


Shlohmo’s “The End” has been soundtracking my commute recently.


Some of the most original programming I’ve heard in a while.


Yeah, it is brillant!


Reminds me of this album too…



Sick! :+1:t5:


Beans and Antipop from that period were amazing… I should probably check out what they’ve been up to more recently.

Plus bonus points for his jumper in that vido…



Nice, reminds me of Will DiMaggio’s stuff a bit.


I’ve followed Beans, the albums escape me though!


Journey to the centre of the earth. Not Jules Verne but Rick Wakeman






Really liking “All Good”

Cheers for posting.


I keep putting Thom Yorke’s ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ on because it’s a bloody great album. These two tracks at the end are especially spicy.


crazy month for Katsunori Sawa fans.

LP (cassette) for weevil

EP (cassette) for Opal Tapes

EP 12" on stones tapes (overlooks new label) with Chafik Chennouf


Been really hooked on classic drum & bass lately.
Keep coming back to Kemistry and Storm’s DJ Kicks mix.

That and a bunch of Rephlex braindance stuff.


I never fully appreciated the magnificence of this album until now.

It’s such a shame that their stuff isn’t all on YouTube of streaming services. So majestic


you know this SC stream? tons of new mixes of lots of old old school jungle / hardcore.