What Are You Listening To Lately


This blew me away last night when I watched it…

@kindohm you killed it!
I’ve never learned so much about live coding ever before. Your hands, the screen, perfect. Love that stuff!!!



Rework of their LSD classic that I never knew existed-


It’s rather good, as is most of the rest of the album, semi-posthumous even though it is.


Awesome record!


Oh, you know about this. Hee hee, very funny. Hah!


Never-ending neural network-generated death metal \m/



I’ve been listening to a lot of Khraungbin, Phantogram, and Aurora lately. Oh, and a lot of old Ultravox as well.




Ahhh… so it turns out I do have that one after all… I didn’t realise it was a cover and I guess I just haven’t listened to that album in years and it escaped my increasingly less reliable memory.


Check out the original by The Chills. One of the reasons I think it’s a great cover is how differently the lyrics are interpreted… the original has a strangely detached way of describing something tragic that happened, while Babyland sounds more like someone’s inner monologue while it is occurring. I think it’s brilliant.


Better than the original imho.



First Flume release I’m genuinely stoked about. Couple of Sophie collabs in there, too.


This new chemical brothers album is a heater


Acoustic poly-rhythmic minimal bliss.

So insanely tight I looked up whether it was really acoustic when I first heard it.



This kind of stuff always floors me:


New Tycho!