What Are You Listening To Lately


Caught him playing live in Leicester a few weeks back. Most excellent.


I skirted around the edges of DnB at the time and so whilst I like some Photek stuff I was never that invested in it. But I’d gave Solaris another listen last year and like yourself was pretty pleased with how it all turned out.



rockin’… and full of elektron’s


A lot of Shinichi Atobe this morning :slight_smile:

So Good, So Right !


The Kontraband album by Kabaka Pyramid
Many great tunes. Check “Make Way”


One of my favorite covers ever.



What a bomb.
I have yet to find a dud in the echospace catalog.


Lovely stuff from FM Einheit:


Still a jam.


Some might prefer the acoustic version without all the Sly&Robbie-ness.

Another great one from the Viceroys-


Saw them live at a Jazz fest. Not bad.


Worth a listen. I was gifted the vinyl recently.




I thought I had everything Babyland did… I’ll need to track that one down. I’m also a huge fan of their cover of Madonna’s Burnin Up.


It’s on A Total Let-Down… arguably not as good as You Suck Crap but still has some of favorite songs by them.


It was the lighthouse! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just bought almost his entire catalogue on Bandcamp for 50 sheets, 18 releases including that sample one.
His production is just right for his style!