What Are You Listening To Lately



Back on this one from last year.




Hey I just wanted to say thank you … this little corner of the internet is kinda nice!


Bjorn Svin… new album. really digging it. great sound design. nice variation of vibes.


Before going into a long sampling session I listen to this.

I still don’t know all of the samples used but I try to recreate the vibe with other samples when I am warming up. Tows was way ahead of his time when this record came out.



Just ram-raided BLAERG’s supermarket and added the lot to my basket!


Love me some Melt-Banana!


Love that jacket thing he’s wearing with the third arm. Dope track also.


Philippe Petit’s got himself a Buchla:


The production & mix on this is very nice.



slept on that for a long time. I‘m addicted


VV is my favorite Doom. :slight_smile:


mine too probably.
madvillainy and mm food are close


Weird tangent, but super thrilling for me - I teach 8th (13ish years old) grade American history and I discovered on a ski trip with other kids in his class (now juniors/17ish years old) that he’s super into MF Doom. I was pleased and we nerded out immediately when I saw him after our break. This is all exciting because most of my students aren’t into anything remotely interesting to me ha. He pushed me to revisit MM Food and I’m glad I did. I think I was already somewhat disinterested and that one didn’t wow me like some of his earlier stuff. BUT, yeah, it’s great! Glad he encouraged me to give it some more time.