What Are You Listening To Lately




Have this movie soundtrack mixtape in rotation the past few weeks
it’s a great selection.





I’ve been listening to Acid and Techno sets, and 80’s hair bands… Interesting combo. :smiley: Oh, and a touch of Sci-Fi Metal (ala Vektor)


Good shout! Given the album a few listens and been really enjoying thus far. Some really good stuff although the vocal pieces are just nonsense especially the first track. As a bit of poetry it’s just really asinine and it doesn’t do much more from a sound perspective. Still, the bulk of the album is sweet.




Great LP. Seven Lies is awesome as well.


Two Titans meet


Smallpeople - Afterglow


Agreed, he hasn’t found a way of making the vocals fit but the angular plonk work is great :slight_smile:

And this definitely works better in its original form.


On repeat, the single album by The Dead Texan. So, so, so good.


New stuff from one of the folks from Farmers Manual though it notes that it was from 97/98 some initial internet sleuthing can’t find any mention of it… either way it sounds pretty great and certainly a lot more approachable than a lot of Farmers Manual stuff (just in case you’ve had a bad experience with that)…


Double launchpads. What script is she running to animate it like this?


Nice find at the record shop :

Lazer intensive Acronym remix


Accidentally bumped into this today. These New Puritans have a new album out after a six year hiatus! Surely one of the most underrated bands in the universe. For fans of Mark Hollis, David Sylvian etc.

Need to get this on vinyl.


This is such a dope little EP


Some more stuff from the record shop :