What Are You Listening To Lately


Right now? The new albums from The Cinematic Orchestra (To Believe) and Snarky Puppy (Immigrance). Both very different and full of hot cuts!



While steering clear of all the Thomann stuff that‘s flooding YT.


I stumbled upon the first Shifted release for Avian at the record shop and A1 is this absolute gem :



So nice




Always a treat


Just discovered this guy who writes baroque music from a contemporary perspective:




There’s quite a few gems on that comp.



Djrum Portrait with Firewood on rotation. I overlooked it a few times for any reason. The attention to the cover art is often a good indication of the music intent though, I should have known.


New album incoming from K-X-P:


That interview with Chris Watson is great, he’s such a nice guy. Would love to have a cup of tea with him as it would be great to hear about the early days of the Cabs and then all the places he’s been doing the sound recording.


I can’t believe it’s not black metal (I can, actually…)




Our transhumanist queen is back on her shit. Mild trigger warning for those sensitive to acid flashbacks.