What Are You Listening To Lately


Griselda Records. Best East Coast hip hop out since the 90s?


That Royksopp video… memories


feel free to sample that awesome break, you have several chances in this video! :wink:

also this:

which doesn’t want to embed for some reason…


New Freddie Gibbs & Madlib joint:


Cheers! Just about to check this on my commute :wink:





these two tracks segue together so wonderfully, in either order really…


So pleased that this has come to pass.


Found my old K7’s and been enjoying them 90’s again!

Why do you hate mashed potatoes?


d-_-b On Vinyl




Produced with Panda Bear


I don’t really care for most of Panda Bear’s vocal melodies, but I really like the production of his latest album. It’s a sound that translates really well for contemporary r&b… This is a perfect accompaniment for Solange’s voice. I wish he did a whole album with her!


I was not into the new one really. But ,shoot, respect for trying new things. This Solange track is wonderful though, so I just might need to readjust my ears to the new direction.


Holy sh** I just realized that she just put out a whole album!


lol yah man its on repeat here. Lotsa guests :star_struck: Shes got fantastic taste and really knows how to work with people to complement her vision.



Endzeit Bunkertracks VIII


Plain bonkers. Very exited about this. Thanks for sharing