What Are You Listening To Lately


I remember it was part of a documentary on electronic music on I think public German tv. It wasn’t dedicated to Bernt, but had a good chunk on him. Will let you know if I remember or find the clip :smiley:


I’m not reading your post as a “recommend me stuff” as I’m sure you’ve trawled their discog plenty. I do think your question is interesting though as whilst there are some surface level comparisons between the bands you mention and AE I do think they all vary from each other quite a bit.

For example, Alva Noto I find to be very austere and with so much space to breath which invites close attention to the minimal timbres. And more recently he’s been getting his funk on. VSnares is one where I’ve never quite got into so much, his complexity feels novel and arbitrary to me and perhaps it’s me that’s lacking perception but there seems to be nothing that really pulls together albums as a whole. I tend to only like odd songs here and there though I do think he has improved since his productivity has come down to more human levels.

So, AE… for me it’s that they seem to balance perfectly between complexity and simplicity across all aspects of their music, whether it’s sound design, structure, melody, rhythm… often, if I deconstruct what’s happening in a track I end up being really surprised by some aspect or another. I probably could ramble on for hours but my train is approaching e station.





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Classic album.
I particularly favour ‘mannequin’ or whatever it’s called.


One of my favourite party tracks: Neon Indian - Polish Girl.
Lots of great synth pieces, electronic drums and bleeps.





What!? That’s awesome!
This kind of advancement keeps happening when I’m not looking… :smile:


You need to listen to the album //from dewee// its excellent :sunglasses::sweat_smile::ok_hand:t2:




“Takara” by Richard Devine. A very well produced track and a beautiful video. Sick drums!


Wow, that is cracking. I’ll be honest, I’d got to the stage with all his jam videos and patch design that I just felt it was all getting to be much of a muchness. That it was all just chuck hundreds of modulation at everything but listening through other bits of the album on bandcamp and I think I’ve been hasty and foolish.


Just discovered this artist, impressed.




Love that Ae mix