What Are You Listening To Lately



Why is it I like artists like alva noto, emptyset, Venetian Snares, Sturqen, etc., but I can never ever get into Autechre no matter how many times I listen to it? It’s like there’s something in their music where after like a few minutes I’m like “that’s enough.”


How old are you? Def young :smiley: , try to begin with Autechre Amber or incunabulla after you come from a Venetian snares set and wanna go to sleep!


Always used to laugh with my gang at how may mixes had “Includes throw, by Paper Clip People on the cover”. Great track.


New Efdemin album is proper good of rare quality!




Love this kind of fucked up distorted acid like Beverly Hills and Universal indicator for mixing not so much listening :smiley:



Nice one thanks


Haha, I wasn’t aware of that. Rarely buy CDs to be honest. Still one of my favourite Carl Craig tunes along with this remix. Bought the vinyl too, still sitting somewhere in a crate being lonely. Might have to liberate those old records one day :smile:


Wow, I was totally unaware of his passing :frowning_face: On the upside, his music will always be around and within his spirit too.


I like this one, two tracks with epic length.


idk i feel like tri repetae is pretty catchy.


If you get to the end of this and don’t love it, give up trying.


yes have been diggin this!


I know!
I found out only last year also. I found Holger
was dead the same day.
But we always do have the music.

I would like see that Burnt Friedman
Documentray, if you know the name?
If no all good also!


dig the production on this. lots of little things sprinkled all over the place



seriously digging on this album
at the moment


“Beam Hopper” mixtape
This mixtape off subnav
on repeat