What Are You Listening To Lately


yeah been finding out about og dub techno which led me to actualy listening to this for the first time even tho ive known about it


E-Bow used to great effect on this track:



Cool I did not know an ebow is that old!

Saw it in this vid for the first time, love those creepy sounds:


Secret Garden was a big track for me back in the day. Proper dope




That Röyksopp video is one of the factors that led to me going to design school…

I mean, obviously there were others, but thanks for the nostalgia (so many hours wasted in Flash MX 2004)




The Tutti is great, thanks.


woof, this Black Taffy record, Im getting the vinyl.


I’ve been into this too. I haven’t really listened to that much instrumental hip hop in a while, but this grabbed me. I like the loose hand-made beats and the lightly affected samples. The sound has a real strong emotional quality to it.


Didn’t see that coming… :smile:



A blast from the past. Good old Carl Craig :sunglasses:


I once saw a mini documentary about Burnt and how he modified his instruments with seemingly random parts. I really like his production style. The Secret Rhythms series is very nice. I also enjoy his collabs with The Nu Dub Players a lot.

Edit; as a percussionist I’m obviously also a fan of Jaki. The man is a living legend.


Superb set


Big fan of Jaki.
I am sorry to tell you he is a no longer
living legend.


This https://blackesteverblack.bandcamp.com/album/devil-s-dance