What Are You Listening To Lately


Such a cosmic trip


Shriekback anyone?

Also in the description of this video are the lyrics, never had any idea what they were in the 30+ years I’ve been listening to it. For me one of the most beautiful and mysterious songs from the 80’s, now a little less mysterious.



Field recording excellence, practically in my own back yard. A fascinating and dramatic back-story too… and it’s all unfolding live.


still finding out about a lot of stuff in this electro world including this which is chill af rn





The new HEALTH album


Have many vinyls of these guys, love this kind of fucked up noisy tape (roland space echo?) with dubby influences/slow ‘dubtechno’ basic channelish vibes, field rec noise, mashed samples. Too bad only BCN exists on vinyl not this BCN dub track which is better!


Love the horns that come in at about 5min. The atmosphere of the echo-everything is really cool.



Hell yeah!

The production on this whole album is incredible.


the innovator and gate opener of all that is dub … indebted to this genius.


Got my tickets for Cardiff. Should be a good show!


They’re playing in Atlanta in April!