What Are You Listening To Lately





Steel Mogu by [Iglooghost]

Neō Wax Bloom by [IGLOOGHOST]

Clear Tamei by [Iglooghost]



Dang, good looking out, I even tweeted at them hoping for news for when it actually would be released, but I didn’t know it actually was - sort of - released :slight_smile:


LOVE this stuff…


Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil:


This album, by Elektron-Users alum @futureimage

It’s excellent!



Another timeless electronic music piece I like, 19 years old:


still digging this oldschool-stuff…still so impressed by the richness of textures, structures, timbres and mixing-skills on this LP


Cool, thanks for the heads-up. I really like his Future Image releases. Especially My Circuits which was just all kinds of ace. Seems a different vibe here but I’m cool with that.


I got a bit crazy and splashed the big cash (and three quid of it) and grabbed a few of these sets. Went with Portland, Denver and Chicago based on a smattering of posts across forums… Now, I don’t know if it’s the usual thing with AE when you go back to re-listen to stuff after a few years and it makes a lot more sense but the Portland set up loud during my lengthy commute today was absolutely magnificent. I can foresee me getting the wallet out again in the near future…



Honking and parping and low-key animation can be fun:


mmm, goth dub




Very good


obsessed with this track last few days.