What Are You Listening To Lately


Superheroes don’t need filled swimming pools


Great show!

Thanks for posting this, @DoS


I’m too old for it really, but -

Rytm stuff (looking to get one) -


This has some nice production / processing.


I saw them play live in 1990 in San Francisco. Chris & Cosey and Stein opened.



What a line-up!


This and the band that she was in prior(Fat Creeps) were so classy. I’m honored to have them join the bill on a couple of the shows I played in Boston.


Nice - I first saw them in 1990, when FM Einheit was still chucking burning oil around. I forget who opened for them (if anyone), but I wish I’d seen them with Miranda Sex Garden (though I might have done and confused seeing MSG with Laibach instead).

The best time I saw Neubauten was on one of their many anniversary tours, at the Garage in London, which was a relatively small venue for them to be playing in. And they played “Sand”, plus many more old numbers too.


I never had the pleasure to meet Jaki, sadly, though I’ve DJed or played with, interviewed or interacted in some manner with several other members of Can over the years - meeting Malcolm Mooney after DJing at the Can Project show at The Barbican in London was amazing.

Jono Podmore, who appears in the tribute lineup, has his analogue-only project Metamono too, which is well worth investigating: http://www.metamono.co.uk/


Just discovered these guys.


That was one hell of a video.


:heart_eyes: that kvitnu stuff! sturqen’s music-videos are just soo good!!!


some older stuff from subtext


Considering it’s ‘pop’ music it’s very innovative. Even if it was idm or some obscure genre it’d be good too.


I should be paying more attention to this thread. That track is phenomenal. Lots of interesting wee touches in there and in a couple of the breakdowns there’s almost a kind of Raster-Noton esque minimalism to the solitary synth tones. Cheers!


Working my way through 19 more Autechre Æ_LIVE releases (the US/Canada shows from the 2014-2015 live stuff went up on the AE_STORE site today).

On the turntable sits the Cherushii and Maria Minerva collaboration. As beautiful as expected. :sparkling_heart:


I saw they went up but I’ll hang off to see what the common consensus on what the best sets are as I don’t have the stamina for 19 more variations. On the plus side, hope spring eternal that the Live 16 stuff might get release someday… the gig at Granada Studios in Manc was the best I’ve “seen” them since Glasgow 05.



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