What Are You Listening To Lately



Bathed myself in the liquid chords of Obsolete Machines Vol 1 & 2 this morning :

And noisy, percussive techno, now


I just bought a couple of Yaporigami albums today!


I’m just listening:…
Der Dritte Raum@Tresor Closing Party 03.04.2005


I just know this one, any other good 12" or albums ?




Those and the album you posted are my favourites but there is plenty more stuff on Bandcamp…



Been following Boogie since his first mixtape 4 or 5 years ago. So happy to see him finally release a full album with a feature from one of my favorite new rappers.



Gorgeous textures and solid production on this whole album.


Wow! Lots of cool music!


Best served at 100w through a bass amp if the neighbours get too noisy:


Gotta love that (FM?) bass regression.



something old , pure gems, they don’t bring out lots of releases, one guy is from Belgium I believe but went to live in Berlin, I have all their releases on vinyl mostly very limited. It’s very nice music with good use of fieldrecordings in some tracks.


Can anyone put me onto something similar to this? It’s not my usual listening so I don’t really know where to start, even genre wise. Strings, flutes, I love it



Not bad actually.


My (ex) girlfriend mistakenly bought us tickets to see Irreversible. She had a different film in mind.

What an insane cinema experience. People in the audience vomiting, screaming and arguing.

She actually dumped me after watching this movie. Bizarre!

I still bought the dvd though.