What Are You Listening To Lately


i don’t like post-1990 Neubauten period much, but suddenly enjoyed.


I first heard Neubauten in ~1990, and while I like the early period a lot, I also enjoy pretty much everything else a lot, if not more.


MTCH is easily one of the best artists I have ever heard!
Thanks :brain:
Just bought the DVD package, great label :+1:t3:


First field recording album I listened to - amazing

Kate Carr - The Thing Itself And Not The Myth


gazing into the abyss once again — opened the directory with King Crimson live recordings.
i have about 24 gigabytes of them on my drive, and that’s just mp3.
it’s nearly impossible to listen just one or two shows and stop.



I’ve had a really relaxing time after quitting dj-gigging a year back. It’s a very elitist business even in a small town as my hometown. If you’re a dj, you’re supposed to listen to only very obscure disco edits, white labels and exclusives. After quitting, it felt like finally being able to breath after 18 years of tucking my tummy in. Let it go.

Finally I can listen to King Crimson, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen or other uncool music without anybody pointing a finger on me. If I feel like listening to Rammstein some day, it’s totally ok, nobody will judge me for my choice (except maybe my girlfriend).

Been really enjoying Rush, King Crimson and other progressive rock lately as a result. I’m a free man!


oh, i know what you’re talking about.

on the other hand, i listen to KC gigs and wonder why so few people on electronic scene even try doing some cool improvisations and stuff like that.

actually, it’s not that difficult, and it’s not the question of technology, because technology is really powerful nowadays.


Barefoot in the park https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Igcz7vp9gug&feature=youtu.be

You have to give it to this guy. He knows how to play with samples and arrangements.

I am impressed. I love this track and from just listening once the whole album is also great. Anyone with me?


Been a fan for many years. Love this new album.



Meng Qi Buchla performance posted today:



the name is good enough for me to appreciate it :)…some hi-energi stuff? or sped up?



I was just listening to this the other day myself. Holds up. Person Pitch has the influence but I think this is a lot more musical.




where did my youth go…:)…hybrid of hi energy / gabber/ hardcore (am i being redundant?)


Some remarkable performances here in tribute to the late, great Jaki Liebezeit: