What Are You Listening To Lately


mazette!! <3




Shoegaze k-perwave is a thing now:


Lovely! You a Hainbach fan as well? Amazing artist, and inspirational youtube channel


Hey, thanks for reminding me of Kriipis Tulo, he’s ace! :smiley: I dig Hainbach too (well, some of his stuff, anyway). :slight_smile:



when this came out it was such a relief for me. I was a big fan of Cocteau Twins Guthrie (sp?). His name fails me but MBV beautifully. texturized the space in between.


Listening and finding Basic channel from the mid-90s and to 2000s was God sent for me. Walking in San Francisco with my headphones and a smile on my face:)


lol I remember this …didn’t Public Enemy or Fu-Schnickens produce them?


The Bomb Squad and Terminator X produced a few things. Not sure about other producers.


Yeah Robin Guthrie. Legend. Same Kevin Shields, Neil Halstead.

But Elizabeth Fraser is God’s voice.


Kevin Shields. Thank you.

Elizabeth Frasier etherial voice was beautiful. Indeed.


A sonic hug from the awesome Laura Misch


Great compilation, plenty of quality artists and tracks, can’t complain!



can’t get enough of that detroit-induced sound…
but also digging into their stuff again a lot:


This is crazy good



Revisiting Panda Bear’s Tomboy - what a beautiful record. It’s so wet and lush and cohesive.

Found some interesting notes on his songwriting approach around that time.

Right. I got this Korg M3-M workstation, it’s usually part of a synthesizer, but I got the version that’s just a module-- just a white box, basically. I found out that you could run a line input into the thing and affect that within the box. So, pretty early on in the process, I had this idea of just sticking a guitar into that; that was essentially going to be my setup.

Even before I wrote any songs, I had this idea of a triangle where the voice was at the top, some sort of guitar element on one side, and then some sort of really basic rhythm on the other side. That’s where I started from in the recording process. So having everything filter through this one brain, this box, seemed like a really good idea. It’s a hellish thing to mix live, but I liked how it would connect the dots in the songwriting sense, because everything has these weird little tongue licks of certain types of sound. There’s an effect matrix in the thing with five effects you can run through. It’s the most complicated piece of gear I’ve ever used for sure. It took me a while just to get my head around it.


I approve