What Are You Listening To Lately


RA’s label of the month playlist on Basic Channel. Big fanboy.




Mantra to the Buddha!!!



yes. one my favorite mid-90s track.




digging through basic channel/chain reaction/burial mix galaxy lately.
Some of their tunes are from outer space, wish I discovered them earlier :grimacing:


There’s always stuff to discover, their galaxy is rather wide ! That RA article is a good starting point. Also lots of great fan mixes on Soundcloud.

Speaking of mixes :

Glad to finally have it on cd. One of the best mix, ever.

Got the 3xlp at f*ckin last after it went back and forth twice to finally end up fiercely shoved into my tiny mailbox :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



I’m gonna check it out! thx for the suggestion
I’m saving also vril’s mix, that guy’s music is amazing



Oh yes there’s many Basic Channel mixes, but the Arrange & Process album is unparalleled by a large margin! Such a great flow from start to finish.
But I never really liked the Maurizio stuff or most of the Chain Reaction releases, heresy I know.


The Scion Arrange and Process live show was so good as well. Saw it at House of God in Birmingham, a night that will stay with me.



Yah man, this is possibly one of my favourite albums.
Im not sure if you’ve heard this but it’s worth giving a listen. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. It’s entirely different from Sigha but somehow every time I hear techno derivatives it makes me want to wander to this after… weird…


Just got turned onto these guys today…their IG or YT channels worth looking into. Crazy tape stuff


Yeah it’s one of Blawan side projects. It’s great ! I Really like Kilner as well. Excellent 2x12" on Avian.


Ross From Friends. That album he released on Brainfeeder last year. Goddamn. It’s fucking great. Very accessible but still somehow insanely original and its got drrrrrive. Fucking love it.