What Are You Listening To Lately


Also seen live recently, along with Demdike Stare that same night. Awesome stuff!!


Yeah incredible ! Really love what he does. He was just doing the warm up for Helena Hauff, so he just played an hour (and a half since she was late). I like Hauff stuff usually but couldn’t really cope with the 303 onslaught after the Rrose ritual.

Also in the boiler room above he plays this track which is incredible (the whole album is really) :


Nice!! I’m familiar with their Biokinetics album, gonna check this one out!



For those of you who like Arthur Russell’s World of Echo. Eric Chenaux’s voice is like a combination of Nick Drake, Nina Simone, and John Martyn. Sorta jazzy sorta folky style singing, with the most beautiful/f****d guitar playing and warbly atmospherics. A gut-punching gem of an album.


This album from 1988. Its sporadic chopped-up editing and colorful sound design predict a lot of ideas found in contemporary experimental electronics.


When Moikai reissued this in the late 90s it was such a revelation. A classic :slight_smile:


Love the quick, jazzy drums towards the end.


i loved the Olga and Jozef 12"s from the very late 90s ealry 00s… so this is sick

and i didnt realized i missed the magnetic fields 5xCD album


Watch until the end. It’s short enough and worth it.

Seen this live last Saturday. There was incense and candles. And this impressive Death Whistle.
Right before there was a storyteller. Not that usual either.
And afterwards, “Le Pays du Mât”. Meaning two naked guys covered with dirt and screaming metal-like in their microphones while noise was blasting the PA.

Crazy night.


“Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One” Album

digging on this


It’s a trip





Listening to this one again and pre ordered this vinyl, really love the atmo, oldskool elektro, … would be great to mix in a ‘sit back and enjoy’ type of dj set, car, headphones on the bus etc


So good



Sebatian Mullaert - Genome 1



my music/label mate from japan offer this beautifull free tune on SC :slight_smile: