What Are You Listening To Lately


Psychedelic + Punk = The Psychotic Monks

IMO the best live appearance of Transmusicales 2018 festival !
Sounded really big, and the performance was epic !


Btw, here is my reference for epic live performence

(sound’s awful I know, but it gives an idea of the show)
Miss you so much Old Time Relijun !


Angèle - Flou

I like how she’s rocking the beat step in her setup too.

Clara Luciani - Viscious (Lou Reed cover).

She’s amazing live. I saw her in October in Sucy-en-Brie.




comedy gold



He’s not well known yet but I think he’s got a good future.




Just copped this 12" for 5€, been listening to this side about 3-4 times in a row every morning.



Have had this stuck in my head for a week since you posted it.
RIP Pete Shelley.


So to begin , this <3

Also , last week I discovered this ep

(MKDSL on this forum ?)
in this mix https://soundcloud.com/lostinether/lost-in-ether-podcast-103-nx1

and tonight I’m getting educated with Sonic Youth, which I never had the opportunity to be interested


Not a bad place to begin. Sister and Daydream Nation are my favs.


Yeap I’m on the forum :grin: thanks for the mention! the “octa” in the Koctarica, the track was made on the OT, hence the name :blush:


Thanx Soundhound for the good reference !! haha !

and "chapeau bas l’artiste " for this good EP , at the beginning of the year,
I will grab this for sure !



Great tune made out of bollywood :smiley:


Same procedure as every year: https://www.mixcloud.com/3DM_LIVE/benji-b-bbc-radio1-2018-mixtape-part1-13-dec-2018/


Saw on insta yesterday at 16:30 that he was playing Concrete 17.00-18.00, jumped on my bike for a quick Sunday techno fix. Perfect techno ritual, layers upon layers of drones… :exploding_head: