What Are You Listening To Lately


That new earl sweatshirt!

One of the best rap albums I’ve heard in a long time.

There’s some production from some standing on the corner cats and I know those dudes have an OT or two in their setup. Really miss mine :frowning:



There were a couple times I said to myself how awfully lot like the OT timestretch or xyFX a part sounded…


Andre Reiu


If ur referring to my post it’s just from seeing a few of their live-streams and I believe slauson Malone (Standing on the Corner) has a fact mag video or some other YouTube channel with Medhane where they make a beat live and he’s using an OT


Nice. I’ll go look for it. Thanks.


Got it :slight_smile:

Slauson Malone is crazy. If u haven’t heard the SOTC stuff highly recommend listening to Red Burns. It’s in all streaming platforms SoundCloud Apple Music Spotify all that.



Good vid. Even the OT is dusty.


one of the more remarkable releases this year for me…




Loving this one these days.


Dude that dude is classy af.

That first video after he ran down the stairs I was like “f that is EXCELLENT!”


Yeah. Have a look at Knower’s videos, there are some epic moments as well :smiley:
I like the mix of lofi+maestria+humor that exhale such vids !



Oh yeah! I love “The Government Knows” and Louis Cole’s “Blimp”. “Bank Account”, and “Weird Part of the Night” videos. Good stuff. Good good good.

Hadn’t seen those glorious videos you shared though, which might have topped my list!


Dig it.



Aardvark - Taraval