What Are You Listening To Lately


All about this today… lovely stuff.

More infö here … 1-hour live album featuring Octatrack and Monomachine


I finally get to see it in Cardiff in Feb with the Colin Currie group performing. I’ve see many of his other works but looking forward to ticking this off the list.


Whenever I’m asked what my favourite peiece of music is, Music for 18 is always the answer.


Funk it up !



Amazing + Cool = Amazool!


Louis Amazcool :smile:

I’ve seen him with Knower touring band and it felt a bit disappointing IMO. A bit too jazzy-meh and not enough sharp funk. But I really dig this guy’s vibe. Lo-fi yet accurate, and pretty fun.
Really hope he doesn’t do drugs too much…


Boom Bap evolves. :pray::fire::goat:



New John Tejada makes it a good Friday.

Especially when it’s a whole album of live hardware recordings.


came here to post this. so good.


For those who remember Mike Allen’s Capital Radio Hip Hop shows.


Great way to start the day, new release from @kindohm!
Thanks fella… lapping it up! :yum:



NADA is one of my favorite little labels. :slight_smile:


Only discovered the label today! Some good stuff to add to my lengthening wish list!
That chocolate cassette is fantastic :yum:


Ha, I bought the regular version, but Robert’s stuff is great. I played with Michael, who does the label, up in Minneapolis a few years ago and it was a wonderful discovery of so much great music. I really had a great time. I’d highly recommend checking out his jams too. Great GS Sultan tape too :slight_smile: Sadly, I missed the boat on a lot of the earlier releases. Hoping to go back up and play with Michael next summer though. I’ve been bugging him to come down and play Louisville too.

If you dig what you hear, you should also check out Justin Meyers’ label Sympathy Limited.



Oh mate thanks, I will check that out for sure!
I could spend so much money on Bandcamp…


lot’s of nice gems here