What Are You Listening To Lately


was lucky have see this live with steve reich sitting on te sound desk once about 10 years go
cement a long time favorite into a reality of experience


this strange thing


Aphex Twin




Autechre and Aphex Twin

currently re-discovering old ‘at that time pretty chaotic for me’ Autechre LP’s like Draft and untilted and Quaristice. I knew somewhere in my backhead at that time that I would appreciate them later, because AE is like good old wine, let it rest for a few years then… I bought every release of them, including rmx ep’s, V/A albums where they appear on, Gescom releases, etc.

Same with Aphex Twin, I can be proud of my collection that I have gathered through the years, only missing a few vinyls of his entire career!

Now listening to Mike+Rich


Beatles white album 2018 super deluxe version


I had these as bootlegs for years but the quality here is entirely different. I hope they release the Escher Demo on vinyl. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t care for these remixes though. I’ll stick with my Mono vinyl.


That’s really great stuff…oddly reminds me of Dagmar Krauss


My favorite performance of my all time favorite piece of music!


Excellent example of DJ as artist.


Also, your avatar creeps me out :slight_smile:


Listening to it right now - great mix of dreamy & driving:


you mean as separate vinyl?
I don‘t have the mono mixes yet so I really like this new mix. But also the esher demos and alternative takes are really cool to listen to.
I did now the esher tapes from youtube for some years.
but difference was much bigger for the sgt pepper remix last year. It sounds completely awesome compared to the stereo mix I grew up with


Yes. I didn’t see it was included with the vinyl box. Hope against hope…

I guess I’m a purist in that sense. These new remixes are perfect in every way and don’t sound necessarily distinct from modern day records. Which is probably their reasoning as itd be the only hope to get the kids.

But to me the mono mixes are the more impressive mixes considering how much they had done with so little. Plus theyre the most fun: like a house party as opposed to an arena.

However I agree that if you’re going to stereo might as well go with these. It’s also lovely to have all the options.


I didn’t know about the mono mixes until recently. And that these were the mixes where the band was involved… I also wondered about the crazy stereo panning all the time on the stereo mixes. You couldn’t listen to beatles on headphones. Or if you sat to close to only one box, your heard only drums or only voice e.g.
I have to get the mono mixes. Can you listen to them on modern stereo speakers? Or do you have to use one speaker only? I have no experience with this.
I have to get the monos.


You can set up a mono only system (mono cartridge) but it’s not necessary. Maybe just mute one speaker if you want. I don’t.

Unfortunately the mono vinyl box is no longer produced (cd is still available) and I haven’t seen mono as an option on my streaming service.


Me neither. Let’s see. I’m sure there is a way to get them somewhere


Been re-discovering this one lately again… remains an absolute masterpiece .


I love Jan Jelinek. Have you listened to the second album he did with Masayoshi Fujita? It’s one of my favorites.


I will give that a listen tonight , thx :slight_smile: