What Are You Listening To Lately


Been enjoying this RA mix from Bristol’s Bruce


“the interaction is meant to be heavy, to pair with the sound”. He got it right. Amazing.


Crazy, staccato synth action…


That immediately reminded me of Love Me For Today by Angela Bofill (especially the bassline), turns out The System produced that track.


Serein label, Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains
I come back it quite often.


Awesome track!

@finalform also super good :+1:


2:40 gets good



Yeah it’s good, a sort of follow on from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V-4-TpKLsk



Jussi and Tomi from Circle in an electronic kinda mood:

(There’s one track on the full record, “Magneto”, that is gloriously over-bassed… but isn’t currently sharable online)



He really found his sound. Whatever the release, it’s identifiable in the first five seconds.
I’m wondering how this translates live. Anyone saw it?


Yeah, Omnisphere sounds amazing :rofl:


pretty much always just autechre. currently listening to nts session 1, but i drift back and forth through their catalogue over time. every song is like a little self contained pocket universe of rhythmic and sonic complexity. it just picks me up wherever i am and immerses me in their world of structure and sound. i’ll never tire of them tbh.

as far as acoustic stuff goes though, joanna newsom is one my enduring favs. she’s an angel <3.





Starting the day with this masterpiece


Haha. As if.
I’d be curious to have more insights into his process though.