What Are You Listening To Lately


House classics from now & then :


“Thanks to the Norwegians we can still hear these sounds, because they kept and preserved one of the few Subharchord instruments. Musicians all over the world had been working on this unique instrument that today barely anyone even knows. A revolutionary electronic Instrument from East Germany who’s continuing development was killed by the government for political reasons…”


This is very pleasant and builds rather nicely:


Biosphere is great… I interviewed him once for a concert programme, but my (and everyone else who interviewed Geir that session, it seems, had similar problems) minidisc malfunctioned and nothing was recorded in the end.


thanks for the reminder, I seem to dig out the “Posthuman” disc often for it’s range of deathrock/DnB.
Also Not Breathing, highly suggested for DIY synth/live dub/rhythmic noise.
Lately, the Lustmord Stockholm live disc and just received Richard Devine’s latest, which I am sure will inspire.




That’s a jam right there.


Absolutely! It’s the 1st electro 12 i’ve bought in years.




Yeah, that’s a very, very good EP.


Spot the Octatrack (it’s not too difficult)


This snuck

And this snuck


Must say

Great thread


Loving all the links

Keep it



I don’t know if I found this here but it’s just so good …



The dude is using DIY “powertools” to play “synth metal”. Very cool stuff!
Immediately had to go and listen to his output on Apple Music.


He’s visited Elektron:





Lots of new b12/firescope stuff popping up at the moment.

And probably not quite the place , but I went through russ Gabriel’s Facebook feed recently. , it’s quite interesting , Seems he’s killed off his modular rig and returned to grooveboxes and normal gear.

No audio links but a quick google / bandcamp search should reveal lots of nice things.


nothing to be honest…can’t and have not been able to enjoy listening to music for the past few days…