What Are You Listening To Lately


Ooh nice, seen Second Woman live this year, was insane!! Very abstract idm with epileptic inducing visuals. It put me in a trance lol :loopy:


Funny to listen ,
The same chords of Midnight Express by G.Moroder

Sure that we could mix these two pieces togethrrr

“There are words,wars and musics that are repeated”


Man, talented dude!


Call me old school, but I’ve been constantly rocking this for the last month or so. It’s been strangely inspirational for my tracks lately.


yes he is


Sub’d to his channel. Thanks so much for sharing this!


Do you remember this? Listening to it right now… I think it was release around 96-97. Some might say this is rock, but I just can`t agree because of that acid sound :wink:


That wanderwelle track is flowing like nothing iver ever heard before. Second Woman isnt really my thing but can certainly appreciate it.


Had to get that 2x12" red vinyl



Yeah it’s really good !

Listening to some Dungeon synth right now :


Been busy hearing.


They really don’t make 'em like this any more.

[EDIT] and of course:


Nice to see someone listening to silver bullet. Check out “20 degrees” with Jonny L as well.


I first encountered these on SnubTV in the early 90s, and while not usually my sort of thing at the time, they made a lasting impression. I’ll check out the track with Jonny L as well - ta for the tip.


I was exposed to “20s to comply” from the deep heat 5 compilation in 1990 (https://www.discogs.com/Various-Deep-Heat-5-Feed-The-Fever/release/85989).

The breakbeats and the vocals are ace.


last few months i use to listen to tutorial videos on youtube.
if i hear no interesting sounds, then it’s not worth watching )


Currently obsessed with Toxe - Blinks.
Been listening to Sega Bodega - self*care a lot recently too, as well as Mechatok - All My Time.
Basically anything that has an odd blend of sounds and influences, preferably cheesy 00’s nostalgia. Obviously us millennials are getting “old”. :tunga:

Oh and the new Dopplereffekt is a nice revisit to more rhythmic works. Great EP.

(But today I’m spinning old techno classics, lots of Philus, Robert Hood, Basic Channel)


Daniel Davies new album, the new Suspiria score, and the reissue of El-P’s Cancer for Cure.


Wow, missed this soundtrack. This one is really powerful