What Are You Listening To Lately






Any thoughts on Kirkis 2? I think it’s pretty rad.

Tehn from llllllll turned me on to him. Groovetown.


two nice mixtapes







One of the pleasures of being old is discovering things that are new to me. I’m 50. My electro was the electro of the 80s. We go through phases. I do remember when Drexciya entered the scene, but at the time I was growing tired of the scene, and I didn’t even really give them a chance. (yes, I know, I know!)

Young people, I wonder how many contemporary artists of today that we may be dismissing out of hand?


Korridor uses 2x Orgon Enigisers. Awesome stuff!!


New Dopplereffekt is nice


I’m nearing 50 too, but still in touch with new stuff coming out.
Check record labels like CPU records and Analogical Force.
Some names, James Shinra, Silicon Scally and the Maltese talent that died way too young Microlith RIP


Thanks ! Never heard of this one…
I re-listened to the album today and it’s really really good.

Also some recently bought records :

Sounds massive, still utterly fresh.

Nice discovery while digging at the record shop. Great abstract, lofi dark ambient techno.

A classic I really only learned about with the reissue; fantastic.



Ahh Im a big fan of Regis, going to have to check the rest. Great recs!!


Technically, this isn a style I gravitate toward, but man…the composition is terrific. Really enjoyed that a lot


love Susumu Yokota, have collect entire catalog!
never can I pick favorite…
might go listen every one release this week!
Thanks for bringing memories!


Thank you. I’m much more familiar with newer stuff (I do like some of the CPU catalog) than some of the music that came out around 20-25 years ago. It was a time in my life that I had grown weary of clubs, and became more focused on having a fixed address, a living wage, and starting a family, etc.


I found it there…


Yeah, maybe not pure electro, but this guy’s a genius…looking forward to the new album very much !