What Are You Listening To Lately


Some good stuff on that Label, including that which you highlighted!


Yeah, New York Haunted is great, and they put out new stuff constantly.



Goat-headed groovers and bass drops:




These last few weeks: nothing but Kazumoto Endo and Sunburned Hand of the Man


This movie knocked my socks off.

Also, Kero Kero Bonito are a noise pop band now and I’m completely OK with it. The new album is amazing.



Wobbled the dust off my speakers with public energy no.1 stuff mixed into harder edged lfo. ( freak , tied up)

Hopefully neighbours got the message to keep their noise down.

Currently listening to drum and bass show on bbc radio 1 , it doesn’t seem to have developed much since 15 + years ago.
Those new prodigy tracks sound dated , but I quite liked em.
Fabric 100 , mixed by burial didn’t grab me.


Not posted in a wee while - get this in your ear pipes :grin:


Oh OK - One more since I’m here.



Enjoying this new Suuns album. Dark and mellow, great production.



Thanks for making me aware of this, loving the new album!



Thanks so much for the tip on this. Absolutley cracking record from a band I’ve always thought we’re OK, but nothing great.



The entire Co-Dependent catalogue, including this…

Also posted here in case anyone is interested…