What Are You Listening To Lately


Now this guy’s output is something I watch closely, serious high quality audio.
Spotted this but the price tag is almost discriminatory at best but then again over 1000 tracks, between seconds and hours, it’s worth it. Just wish I could buy it in instalments or something! (and I don’t mean track by track :crazy_face:)

Anyways, nothing but love and wonderment for this ‘stuff’…
Edit, have you found an ‘output’ on Bandcamp more expensive?:face_vomiting:
Answers on a postcard, winners receive an imaginary pen in the actual post.:joy:

Edit, Daniel, all due respect :heart_eyes:


Who doesn’t like a bit of Sade up em.
Acid to boot.


Look forward to hearing these on a proper system


Some pretty interesting sounds. But I have the feeling that the $1000 album is either:

  1. (generous interpretation) Some kind of artistic statement
  2. A joke
  3. Pure pretension
  4. (likely) Some combination of all of the above




I love this Nils Frahm Ra Session! Can’t quite figure out how the setup works… Is the volume and pitch bend on the Juno being used to control other gear via midi? And he gets such a gorgeous sound out of that Juno…


There are 1573 tracks in there mind, its just the initial outlay for that body of work.
I don’t have any more equipment I can sell to buy it though so that will never be listened to in flac quality :slightly_frowning_face:





I am gonna leave this here



Brutalising this release lately, top stuff!

@kindohm thanks :+1:t3: (?)


ahhhh thank you! Lots of RYTM drums on that :drum:


That’s great, really enjoy your stuff, i am in awe! :heart_eyes:

EDIT, I’ve seen your name on the forum once or twice but didn’t put 2 and 2 together!
Anyways keep up the great output :muscle:t3:




Really interesting album of experimental electronic music from Iran.


Can’t notice any difference with the programmed light show launchpad videos :joy: