What Are You Listening To Lately


Sampled the slap…but i keep listening to this over and over…the sound is awesome hahaha



sounds so good


Exercise is good for you :wink:



Pretty hooked on this band’s production techniques, future pop done in a really fun and playful way. The modulated LFO action starting at 1:13 is so so good. Pretty sweet videos as well!





Shaping up to be my favourite release of the year! Great DJ set on Worldwide FM the other day too.


Damn is she good. Wow.




Thanks for turning me on to this artist. I’m listening to the ‘Mountains’ EP right now which came out in… 2011. One of the more refreshing things I’ve found about being halfway ancient are the joys of being out of the loop. So when I do discover something new (to me), I can experience it on its own merits, rather than part of notions of ‘genre’, ‘scene’, etc. that simply don’t apply to me.


Also in the realm of new (to me)… but it was released in '74.


Ceephax Acid Crew - Camelot Arcade

M38 - Saturday = Youth (the production is outstanding on this)


i can’t get enough of the new Low. just on repeat


Same. Devestatingly great. Topical but avoiding cliche, Low vocals immersed in exquisite, forward thinking arrangements and production. Absolutely stunning.


Album of the year material for me. Just so unexpected. The last time I listened to Low was maybe 10 years ago and now suddenly they make the most poignant and important album of 2018 which sounds like Pan Sonic remixed them or something.


Right? I got into them with Things We Lost but kind of gave up afterwhile. Kind of stagnated. I heard some chatter about their last one but didn’t get around to it. This shit came out of NO.where. My ears / eyes shot straight at my monitors with that first noise and stayed put.

If you’d told me last month LOW (lotsa credit to BJ Burton) would be releasing one of the great works for these disgusting times I would have been kind of confused. But now it makes perfect sense.


Catching up with the missed shows on London’s NTS radio.

Currently enjoying this Melon Magic show with Modern Institute