What Are You Listening To Lately


Light In The Attic is reissuing a bunch of Hosono’s albums at the end of August - looking forward to that!


Worth checking out the Sacred Bones catalogue. Amen Dunes album Donkey Jaw from 2011 stuck with me.

Also check out The Fat White Family.


Nite Flights is such a strange album. “The Electrician” and “Nite Flights” are two of the best songs ever recorded imho, and then the rest of the album is…???


Haha, yeah I think that’s what happens when you give all of the Walker brothers equal creative input. The first four are Scott’s songs which is the only thing I bother listening to.


Last night. Mezzanine SF. Show was fucking amazing!


does anyone knows if this guy released something ? i like his sound




Been listening to the three Interpolation Tapes by Radius nonstop pretty much, excellent music to write a much too long essay by.

There’s a fourth one that should come out soon too.


Clicky dub


I have this, it’s a good one. :+1:





Ultimate Classic






Literally came here to post this. The last 2 tracks are :fire:, so glad to have a fresh dose of mad future trance shit to absorb. AG, Danny, HD and Grimes really need to get their shit together.