What Are You Listening To Lately


Lots of very old electronic music from Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk:


Kraftwerk is quirky but light hearted fun

Probably my old favorite is stuff from Infected Mushroom and Shpongle though love that psy-trance.





Funnily enough, I have all those albums… on CD.


Funnily enough I don’t have anything that can play vinyl records or cds. Or even dvds for that matter. The media format world has changed a bit over the past 25 years, but at least the songs live on.


New skeemask album , esp this track.


True enough; I mostly rip CDs to HD and play from there, often over a network. Hey ho.






Another great example for a highly musical use of a modular


Makes me think about Lamb.


I’ve been mostly listening to this Partner debut LP which got a european release only last week. Perfect stuff if you love Weezer, Dinosaur Jr. and other fuzzy melodic 90’s guitar music. They’re two pot smoking canadian lesbians that mainly sing about smoking pot and watching daytime tv. Just perfect.

The new Sleep album is dope (sic) too.

I’ve had trouble finding interesting electronic music lately (besides the new Jon Hopkins album, which is great). Would love some new stuff along the lines of Kavinsky/Zombie Zombie/John Carpenter -soundtracks. Thinking of buying a guitar and a bass to my setup too. This is getting out of hand.




Saw them live a couple weeks ago, that was really cool. Stupid amount of amps on stage ahah. The new album is indeed excellent.

Been listening to this today :


The Vainqueur 3lp comp that just came out is so fucking good :

Such a luxury to have all those on wax.



Ben Frost - All that you love will be eviscerated