What Are You Listening To Lately


Late finding this one but, wow. I may have a new favorite producer.



Not quite sure if I’ve been listening to this or it’s been listening to me…

I just love the textures.



Fluxion + another greek musician :


You mixed everything wrong until now. The Kick dont has to be always in the center! Digg this:

Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - On the Run (from Tomorrow Comes The Harvest)



One of the best and loudest shows I’ve attended was at the MBV concert. Amazing experience!!



i don’t know how many times I’ve listened to those albums. Bloody amazing


mazette!! <3




Shoegaze k-perwave is a thing now:


Lovely! You a Hainbach fan as well? Amazing artist, and inspirational youtube channel


Hey, thanks for reminding me of Kriipis Tulo, he’s ace! :smiley: I dig Hainbach too (well, some of his stuff, anyway). :slight_smile:



when this came out it was such a relief for me. I was a big fan of Cocteau Twins Guthrie (sp?). His name fails me but MBV beautifully. texturized the space in between.


Listening and finding Basic channel from the mid-90s and to 2000s was God sent for me. Walking in San Francisco with my headphones and a smile on my face:)


lol I remember this …didn’t Public Enemy or Fu-Schnickens produce them?


The Bomb Squad and Terminator X produced a few things. Not sure about other producers.