What are the major differences between MK1 and MK11?

I couldn’t find anything substantial online that listed the exact differences between the MnM MK1 and MK2, is there anyone out there that could enlighten me?

I know in the wavetable engine in the MK2 there’s the ability to load user wave tables and also there’s ensemble waves but other than that I don’t know that there’s anything major.

Not 100% sure, but I believe the mkii has a 64 steps sequencer, are build better (encoders, outputs, printboard etc), and yeah, it has uw options and can be expanded with +drive. Also, it’s newer.

Biggest factor, paying this much, should imo be the build quality and longevity. I think elektronauts still has spare parts for the mkii, and they don’t support mki anymore.

Both have 64 steps, mk2 has additional user waveforms and +drive support, also case is not as deep. Everything else is the same IIRC.

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Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for