What are some OT features you wished you have found earlier


Another great reason to save a sample in a recording buffer is that it will load when you switch on the Octatrack. That way, you don’t have to start with an empty track.


More details here:


Fantastic tip. Just starting to thi k about a master template for things, and this is a really useful bit of knowledge


The OT is the first machine I’ve used trigless locks as a sound design tool.
On the other boxes I just never think to use it, but the OT does make you think differently.

I’m sure that would make a great slogan…


I don’t think it saves on power down.

But templates reminds me of one too: template projects, banks, parts. So setup a project/bank/part how you want to do something - mangle, loop, ect - save and then every time you’re feeling some looping open that project then immediately “save to new” and be on your way.


Ahhh OK well thanks for adding that bit- I would’ve spent weeks pulling my hair out, thinking it was something I was doing wrong!

Good call on having templates for tasks. I was think G of some mega template, however I’m thi king that it may serve me better to have a few dedicated ones.


I have a “Default” project which has the essentials covered especially irt gain staging. I setup one bank, then copied that to all 64 banks and saved it. I always open it first in case of a new project (where I dont have anything specific in mind).


Have you tried fader to slice too? Put a bunch of trigs down. Slice sample to 16 or whatever, set scene A to slice 1 and scene B to slice 16, press play and wiggle, resample as you go. Very quick way to chop stuff up and generate loops


WHAT!? Amazing!


That pretty much sums it up. And goes to prove how stupid powerful the Octatrack is, compared to most other samplers out there.


I just set three tracks to all do this, with the same sample chain and different triggers. Endless funky breaks.


Holy shit. I just added in delay lock. If I’m not out in 7 days, come in and get me.


I still need to play with Delay lock. Have yet to try it whatsoever.

minus ten Octatrack points.


It does save on power down!


How should the OT save on power down? It’s no soft button, but directly cuts the power supply. There is simply no way that it could save at that moment. There is even a warning in the manual that you should examine the LED which indicates writes to the CF card and that you should not power down before it is steady again (otherwise you may corrupt the files / the file system).


I was responding directly to the named recorder buffer saving. Not the sample. Must be a part setting.

Something I just now learned: FUN and LR arrow gives gives you mich finer original tempo control; up/down doubles/halves it.


Not even that can happen when you turn off the device, because it needs also be written to the CF card.


Wicked! Thanks for letting me know :grinning:


But if youve saved and assigned the sample youve already saved it.

Try it!


You mean Microtiming? Function + Up and then left/right to microtime the trig?

Function + Left/Right moves all the trigs on a track.