Well guys I finally put out a record at long last

Very influenced by 1960s folk and psychedelia. If you like that kind of stuff you’ll like this record. Happy listening!

It’ll be on spotify and all that very soon, too.


You’ve definitely captured the feeling of the 60s psychedelic sound, transports you right there. Reminds me of the Beatles big time. I’ve only listened to a little bit of this but so far it’s great! I’m not even a huge fan of that style, though I recognize the quality of work here. Will try and listen to the rest on proper headphones later. Great work.

What synth do you use for the bubbly sound on Semisequitur?

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I think it was my friend’s Moog Sub 37.

We had a limitation on this record that we would use no synths (because you know…we used too many on our last record) except to only make weird sounds/textures. I actually broke this rule on the last track, using a synth for sub bass…We also used string machines and argued if those were technically synthesizers or not.

Glad you like it! Please share with anyone you can.


I’ll share on my Minds.com page. There’s some folks I think on there that would like this.


Sounds cool, enjoying it now.

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This is awesome.


Nice one! Loving the overall sound/vibe


The vocals are very well done. At a certain point, I love that I can’t tell if the slap back effect on the lead vocals are being double tracked, delayed, or if some other vocalist is came in to back.

Edit: it’s what I imagine Abbey Roads sounds like (but not in a Beatles way).

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Thank you! Nearly every song is double tracked and then also has a slapback on it. Some songs are quadruple tracked, like Desolations the first line (Kathy drinks from her cup) is a quad with two in the center and two on the sides, then it goes to doubles. I got this idea from Kanye west’s runaway. It’s a very cool technique that breathes life into the song.

I think chessboxing is single tracked until the second verse…

Some you can definitely tell are double tracked because of how I finish my phrases, like out there in the Garden. Some might call this “bad” and have a tendency to fix it but I’ve always enjoyed being able to tell if there are two takes. There are some kinks songs where it’s pretty obvious.

And if it was not obvious, I’m not the only one singing. My pal sings lead on the songs he wrote.


Enjoying it. :+1: Mellotron goodness always makes me smile. I feel like I’m also hearing a little Pet Sounds and Bowie. Maybe a little Floyd in some of the lines?


Pet Sounds, Bowie and Floyd are my lifeblood, they’re bound to come out.

For modern psychedelia there’s a healthy dosing of Flaming Lips, Animal Collective and MGMT. Right there where you left it was me trying to do Do You Realize… All the production is super inspired by Dave Friedman (and Phil Spector). I think the whole sound came out kinda lofi Psych like Soft Bulletin, which I’m okay with.


Now on Apple music! Spotify soon


awesome music!!

MGMT and Pink Floyd is what I hear in these songs. Thanks a lot for sharing, I am genuinely enjoying your music

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wow very cool. Something unexpected in an electronic gear forum.
Looking forward to listen to the whole thing.

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And now on Spotify!

Plus all those other places

Really good stuff! Love how warm and worn it sounds. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for listening! I only used ITB plug-ins for “warmth”… Tape plug-ins, saturators, scheps omni channel strip are all over it. Using gforce mellotron extensively helps too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The video nobody asked for!

I’m a big fan of songexploder and other similar podcasts where people talk about how their music was made, how they went about recording certain things…Anyway, this is something similar for the song Chessboxing Champion.


Love the album!

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