Weird thing on my Rytm Mk2


So i’m working in a project on the Rytm Mk2 and i have this weird thing : when i press stop on it, although the audible sound actually stops, i could see on my mixer’s leds that there is indeed some sound still going out from the Rytm. If i press stop on the Rytm a second time, this will stop.

To help find out what is happening, i recorded a small loop and indeed, when i press stop, there was some sound coming out, but a really bass sound, i could not hear it even with my headphones. The wav looks like the image below (the red square shows where i press Stop, but the audio will still coming out). What can i do to discover (and fix) this curious thing ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I uploaded the clip here :


one of your tracks envelope release is on INF


When making a new kit, my first step is always changing the Amp envelope from infinity to a numerical value. Don’t know why it’s set like that by default.


Do you refer to the ‘Dec’ on the Amp page ?


Yes there’s probably sub audible frequencies or filter resonance below 20hz that’s ringing. Once a track has been triggered the vca on that track if dec and hold are at default values will sustain infinitely. I think this is where a lot of the “led” and tracks trig bugs are being reported. Because there’s actually signal happening. If you have a lot of makeup gain on your compressor you can amplify the line noise when stopping a pattern. Hitting stop the second time forces all amps closed and kills any effect tails you have. This is how most elektron boxes have worked since the monomachine days


I still could not find what is causing this issue. Even if i mute all tracks, the sub frequency still shows on my mixer until i press stop twice. Any more hints ?


Ohhh what’s your compressor makeup gain set at?


Muting on AR doesn’t cut all audio, it mutes the trigs, if the sequencer has already hit a trig before you mute that trig will still finish its amp envelope. Double stop cuts all audio. You probably have a long release somewhere and it keeps going for a bit.

Mute all tracks, double stop, and press play. You should hear nothing. One by one explore a track at a time by pressing play and then stop, and see which one rings out… If needed check compressor…


Thank you , i could identify the problem was in Track 9. With only this track active, when i play and stop, i get the inaudible frequency playing until i hit stop twice.

However i could not yet find where the problem could be… I took some picutres of all tabs, maybe this can help identify ?

Thanks again :smiley:


On screen one: try to disable synth and sample, then nothing should play. You could also try to reduce decay on screen 5. On screen 6 put the lfo depth to 0.

Looking at all your screens, it could be possible that sample 6 is somehow playing…


Looks like the decay on the amplitude page could be at Inf. Causing any sound on the track to ring out forever, unless you double click stop.


What they said… :smile:


Yes, it looks like the decay setting on the AMP page is the offender. Either it’s very long or INF.

Since almost two weeks ago someone suggested the envelope settings I wonder if you haven’t tested it. Problems like this are almost every time related to envelope settings or effects.


Also worth noting that this is correct behaviour for all the Elektron boxes.

Press stop once = sequencer stops but effects and note decays run out.

Press stop second time = all audio off.

As well as long decay on looped samples, long reverb decay times and delay feedback close-to or above 64 will cause this effect. I think it’s a good feature, and often it’s really nice to have the effects run out at the end of a set. You do need to watch looped samples, but even the I use that as a cool track transition between songs on one of my Rytm projects.


Thank you, this was the problem indeed. I already checked this, but not on the right channel…