Weird tempo issue


Analog Rytm MKII here.

Today I wanted to enter drum patterns from A1 to A16. I started by clearing the patterns manually. Then I set the project tempo to 130 but the pattern tempo remained at 120. So I changed the pattern tempo to 130 then tried to duplicate my work using copy paste, but the new patterns persisted at 120.

Have I discovered a bug? Secondly, wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of batch tempo setting?

I’ve noticed that when you clear a pattern, only the trigs get removed. Tempo and kit selection remain. I’ve not committed to my memory what happens when you paste. It wouldn’t surprise me if pasting an empty pattern doesn’t copy across the tempo or kit selection. (sorry for the double-negatives)

Also, “Hi! Welcome to the forum”.

In my experience, Elektron are very responsive to customer service messages (during office hours). If you fill out a bug report on their website, you might get a useful response. They sometimes offer up opinions and tips that aren’t covered in the manuals, and will acknowledge a bug if your report goes against their expectations. Create an account on their main website, if you haven’t, and use the contact form in the Account section.

Great suggestion. I will do that. Thank you.