Weird MIDI Issue Sequencing External Synth with Digitakt

Hello everyone, after years and years of dreaming about Elektrons I finally got a Digitakt last week and am loving it so far.

I am having a strange issue trying to sequence my Bass Station 2 - when I play notes on the chromatic pads or from a sequence on one of the MIDI tracks the notes sound very strange, it’s like they start at the lowest pitch and slowly rise up to the stored/played pitch. When I change the patch on the BS2, either on it or with a program change message on the DT track it resolves itself and sounds normal.

It is happening every time on different patterns, so the only thing I can think of is that the DT is sending some sort of CC that does something strange on the BS2?

Alright I did a little more experimenting and figured it out.

The CC’s were sending a 0 value on 70-77 which made strange changes to the BS2 patch. I disabled the CC’s on the FLTR page and now it works exactly as expected.


Sounds like the cc turns portamento on and off?

It was doing a number of things - those CC’s are assigned to various controls on the BS2. It was setting the OSC range for both oscillators to max and then max portamento!

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You sure you want to disable them? Never gonna get your plastikman on without portamento :slightly_smiling_face:

ha! I’m keeping them off for now and mainly using the synth to create live samples.

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