WeeklyBeats 2022

The new year of WeeklyBeats is kicking off soon, and the site has had a fresh coat of paint for 2022!

Who’s thinking of diving in this year? Reflections or experiences from previous years to share?



awww… not a lot of noise here…

I did the first 10 weeks on the M8: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqj-J6lNG3wZjZLJwKKAuqUk1lLp4oeAl

The highlight there:

And I’m doing the current 10 or so on the OP-1. Best to watch so far:

Next focus after that will be the A4, probably extending to some other gear too (bit less of an all-in-one box than the M8 or OP-1, but I’ll probably still try to do a pure A4 track or two)

And after that, who knows…


ridiculous! :clap::clap:

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Uhlala, love the spangle-track & video! Do you have also a bandcamp-thing or so, where I could buy/download this track and maybe other of your tracks, too?

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They’re just brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

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https://anguslocke.bandcamp.com/album/adjust-spangle-wb-2022-vol-1 !

i also got it on spotify for kicks (certainly not for streams lmao)

OP-1 release will be there eventually…

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wooooaw. the Op-1 track was amazing! you really brought out what is so brilliant about the OP-1… its a sonic playground to record wtf you want. i love how playful that was.
You´re making me want to invest more time and get to know the OP-1 even more.

how did you do the visuals because that looks like it might have been quiet time consuming.

python script to construct the visual/rhythmic patterns from source images.
then standard video editor to arrange it against the tune.

yes i didn’t sleep much that night…

nor this night:


No awesome videos, but here’s my latest:

My proudest:

And a fugue, because why not?

still goin, against sense of trying to get enough sleep:



on the OP-1 again.


only 3 more till I pivot from the OP-1

i love it but there’s so much i want to do that doesn’t make sense in the OP-1


edit because nobody else is sharing here 🥲 and the forum caps at 3 consecutive replies

who’s cutting onions in here

[synthwave-y fever dream on the OP-1]


So love this. Bravo!

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dope! getting some serious luke vibert vibes from your tracks.

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dug up a 4-year-old jam for this one. didn’t develop it much. oh well, still slaps.


aaaaaand one last one on the OP-1 !

coming soon: back to the M8 tracker for a bit probably, before I turn to the A4 and other gear :eyes:


as promised, back on the M8!

(the OP-1 jams will get some touch-up into a mini-album when I have a chance)

edit, because i’m at 3 consecutive replies here:

still going, only a matter of time till the m8 x a4mkii crossover:

keepin the edits going lmao, still can’t add a new reply

crunschy 0-coast bass, sampled to make way for a different lead patch


Yeaaaa Looking fwd to some A4 action movies :popcorn:

i hit a peak with the M8 and 0-coast; one of the best tunes i’ve ever made.

so we’re moving on to the A4 !

I made a tune featuring the A4 as a 4-voice poly box, sequenced by the M8. The performance macros are where it really shines, next to any other gear i have.

The coolest part is how much it sounds like a dubby high-feedback modulated delay, when the onlyactual delay is a single ping-pong no feedback.
Just hit a sweet spot of filter self-oscillation (HP1 filter 2), and pitch/cutoff modulation.

more notes: https://weeklybeats.com/wangus/music/bowl-cut