"Wavetables" on the M:S

I’ve been trying my hand at making chains of 120 single cycle samples with the idea of faking wavetables—set the sample length to 1, turn looping on, and modulate the sample start point to traverse the “wavetable”.

I’m getting lots of clicking when adjusting the sample start point and can’t tell if I’m setting up my chains wrong or if that’s just the nature of the machine. I know the M:S is not going to interpolate from one wave cycle to the next, but I didn’t think there’d be this much clicking when moving from one sample splice that starts and ends on a zero-crossing to another sample-splice that starts and ends on zero-crossing. Has anyone had success with this?

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I think what you are doing is similar to this?

That video might have some answers for you. I’ve only been playing with single cycle waveforms, not chaining them together as you are.

Hi panelist,
I’ve tried a while ago and failed.
Sorry : same as you too much clicking.

I haven’t spent too much time testing (just got the m:s this past Friday), but I went with fewer waveforms in my prepared sample: 12. That way, I could jump from shape to shape using start length increments of 10, but then also get a little pwm action by using the LFO to slide the start point in increments of 1. Clicking isn’t too to bad BUT it does seem like the decay knob controls amplitude decay within the loop as well, meaning that the lower the value, the lower the volume at the end of the loop which will lead to more abrupt clicking. I found if I crank it up all the way to infinite, it’s pretty smooth… but then you have no way to stop the note except add another note with zero velocity. Not sure if this decay behaviour within the loop is a bug or just the way it’s supposed to work, but it’s kind of a bummer. But I need to do more testing to see if this really is the situation.

Free wave pack available for download here: