Want to buy a Macbook Pro 2018 i7 15'' ----- Now decided to go for a macbook 16 i9 -- last advices?

ok… you are absolutely right

I like a lot MOTU, especially the UL and the 828, The only reason I cannot leave MH is Character and MH Channel strip, such a powerful dynamic effect, I have not found anything comparable in other plug ins.

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2015s… ok interesting… thank you for your advise… I also gonna check them out… I price should be much lower…

when looking at i7 2015s, make sure you get a dedicated GPU.
You’ll have better resale value and as things become more demanding, it’ll age a bit slower.
good luck!

check www.everymac.com , and go to the compare section to see the differences in specs.

You want the 2.5 D or 2.8 D
Not the 2.2 I, 2.5 I, or 2.8 I

and then cross reference those GPU specs when shopping.
Looking for the Radeon R9, specifically.


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Ya same here. MOTU 828es next to no latency. 1.9

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This looks great! The i7 is plenty powerful for most modern applications and the i9 is hard to justify in terms of price / performance ratio. Are you looking at music making as your predominate (heavy duty) purpose for this laptop (others could be video editing and/or gaming)?

16GB Ram is great as well and Apple’s 1TB hard drives are pricey, so this looks like a good deal overall.

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Why. I’d say 16Gb is bare minimum now-a-days. Seriously. Barely enough. Thank Google and other hindu-infested bloatware makers. The OS just about has where to put it’s caches…

Caches are the main reason why boxes with 32Gb - heck, even 24Gb! - seem to work much faster. Also, less “uncached page faults” this way (a.k.a “hard faults” - they do lead to latency spikes).

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Great ok… I only producing tracks…ableton live performances and a little bit photo editing stuff…

32 GB is better than 16GB, but in many use cases still not by much or not at all. Doing video editing? Ok, get more Ram. Heavy lifting music production? Ok get the most ram you can afford.

16GB is still a very good amount of Ram. It’s not even bare minimum on the spec sheet let alone in real world use cases.

Of course, more is technically better, but there comes a point when price vs performance gain no longer adds up.

Ram is usually quite cheap, but not at Apple.

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I do not remember my computer using more than 8gb of 16gb RAM available and I do focus stacking macro photography ( hundreds per project)

Unless you are using big kontakt sample libraries I would say 16gb RAM is more than enough

What is really important is to use all available ram channel, for dual channel better 2x8gb sticks than 1x16gb, for quad channel better 4x4gb sticks than 2x8gb

In my case i7 3770k 2x8gb 10% improvement when using two sticks vs one with passmark benchmarking software


I have decided to buy a macbook 16 i9 version… any last advises? Can’t I expect to have a good running maschine for the next 5 years? will using vst’s… samples… effects… external gear… the full monthy!

I liked my new, maxed out MacBook Pro 16" so much, I bought a second one. It’s a no brainer because of the keyboard issue, and I had three of those, all traded in for the new ones.

Also: I used Windows exclusively for years. The best Windows box I ever owned was a MacBook Pro 2013 with Boot Camp running Windows. If you want to go back and forth, that works amazingly well: I had no glitches, except that, on the Windows side, it would not resume the ethernet network after sleep. I ran that machine exclusively with Windows for more than three years.


ok good to hear… I think I would start with mac os because all the programms I’m working with are compatible with it.

I would feel more confident saying you’re likely to have 5+ years use from the 16” than from the previous 15”, due mainly to the keyboard issues (though Apple will cover those for four years, but it’s a pain to have to take it in for repair) but also other issues I had (screen failed twice, as did speakers). In general it seems like they prioritised the right things (performance, keyboard, hopefully reliability) over thinness and that gives me hope it’ll be a good investment.

In terms of advice… to be honest the base spec is probably plenty good enough. I’m a software developer and have to do quite a lot of CPU and memory intensive stuff so I got the top spec CPU and 32GB of RAM and I’m very pleased with the performance - keep in mind you can’t upgrade either after buying. I also got the 2TB storage as my previous one was 1TB and I kept filling it, as I use the machine for my work it was worth the extra so I didn’t have to spend time clearing the drive every few weeks, and again you can’t upgrade after you’ve bought it.

So I guess… if you’re looking at it as an investment, get the best spec you can afford, but equally don’t worry if you can’t afford to upgrade as the base spec is powerful.

Oh, and personally I’d factor in the cost of AppleCare. It’s expensive but it has paid for itself for me (this 16” was a replacement for a 2017 15” after it failed three times, perhaps some could have got it through UK consumer law but it’s easier with AppleCare and mine was a business purchase so wasn’t covered). Good luck!

I think the less you spend in Computer technology the more value you get specially with Apple products.

I also would buy an iMac for music production instead of a laptop.

Fair point, if I didn’t know for a fact I would get a lot of value from the spec upgrades I wouldn’t have done it. And yes, if you don’t need to move around with your computer an iMac may be a better option. Personally I need to be able to take it to and from work, (and to and from meetings there) and like the flexibility of being able to use it on the sofa or when travelling, take it to a friends place etc

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Yes if you need mobility, MBP is the choice.

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I bought 16 inch recently, had big problems with previous 2 editions. The keyboard is such a big problem, you dont want it. 16 inch is perfect, last 2 years i changed from Apple to lenovo (best keyboard ever, But Windows). Happy to be back

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